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QMSys Threads & Gauges
QMSys Threads and Gauges 5 is a powerful thread engineering program especially designed for engineers, metrologists, quality control managers, and machinist. The software aids the working process by saving time and preventing human errors in the determination of thread parameters. ...
March 4th 2013 Shareware    10,793k
Magneto Software System Info Controls Pack
Magneto Software System Info Controls Pack controls provides vital system and network information including list of running services, their names, process id, details and status; list of running processes, their names, process id and status; process properties such as: process ...
May 11th 2006 Shareware    7,486k
QMSys Threads PD
The program QMSys THREAD-PD enables the user to determine the pitch diameter of threads when the indicated values are specified as well as to determine the indicated values when the pitch diameter is specified. It is suitable practically for all ...
January 12th 2008 Freeware    478k
Gabble for Mac
Yammer is great. So is Mac OS X. Wouldn’t it be even greater if there was a native Yammer client for Mac OS X? Well now there is! Introducing Gabble, the first (and only) Yammer desktop client designed specifically for ...
September 7th 2011 Freeware    2,519k
Threads Charts
A program to draw (and save the results to files) a diagramm that shows the execution time of a programm, which does some floating point calculations, in dependency of the number of used threads.It saves the result as a gnuplot ...
January 17th 2013 Freeware    6k
Velai Threads for Java
Framework to simplify the task of writing and executing threads in Java. Developer writes a Callable with annotations. The executor returns an extended Future with built-in support for cancelling, pausing, calculating progress, and much more.
January 17th 2013 Freeware    100k
vBulleTraffic Storm
We have discovered that 'ethical' advertising on Forums and Social Networking websites is very effective, and can bring your business to success in simple and easy steps, this can be achieved through manual submissions i.e. creating useful threads, or even ...
January 14th 2013 Shareware    3,830k
LollyDex Correspondence Index
LollyDex is a document management tool optimized for correspondence control. It adapts to your systems and is suitable for paper or electronic documents. Fast and easy-to-use data entry routines. Powerful and flexible search. Print reports of results. Browse through threads ...
September 11th 2001 Shareware  5 stars 1k
100% secure private point-to-point conversations.
November 22nd 2001 Commercial  5 stars 790k
WebGrab is a simple and convenient way to download, save, and organize Web Pagesfor off-line viewing.
November 26th 2001 Commercial  5 stars 1k
glShopper is a software tool designed to aid consumers in their week to week shopping chores. Using glShopper you can save multiple lists of routinely purchased items in searchable database files.
November 22nd 2001 Commercial  5 stars 902k
Ping Plotter
Fast, small, and visual Ping/Trace Route utility. Uses multiple threads to trace all hops at once for SUBSTANTIAL performance improvements over standard trace routes. Does historical graphs of performance to pinpoint problems and see ranges of responses and trends. Set ...
December 23rd 2001 Shareware  5 stars 733k
MailList XPress
An advanced highly optimised mailing list application. Contains features such as Direct Sent (DNS Lookup), Failed Message Retry, SMTP/POP3 compliant, Multithreaded (up to 1000 simultaneous threads), Attachments, Plain text or HTML text email, Filtering, Exclusions, Logging, Project Saving/Loading, Detailed sending ...
January 29th 2002 Shareware  5 stars  
CRM Group Mail BW
Got in a specialized emailing campaign?
Longing for an efficient promotion for products, websites and ideas?
Bothering with Client-Relationship-Management?
Sending e-greetings cards to many friends?

This group mail software helps you send opt-in emails to your customers in minutes; it specializes in differentiating ...
November 18th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 872k
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for FoxPro
MarshallSoft SMTP / POP3 Visual FoxPro email component library (SEE4FP)uses a simple API to send and receive mail, including HTML, MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments, from within an application. Knowledge of Winsock and TCP/IP is not needed. Features of ...
August 18th 2004 Shareware  5 stars 299k
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for dBase
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Visual dBase (SEE4DB35.ZIP). Version 3.5.

Email from your Visual dBase application. The SMTP/POP3 Email Engine
(SEE) is a library of functions providing direct and simple control of the
SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office 3) protocols.
Simple ...
April 15th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 363k
TaskInfo2002 for Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP is Task Manager&System Info. It shows in real time System Wide info (CPU, Memory, Cache usage. Data rates for Disk, Network, DialUp IO, IP Address. ...). For all processes and threads, including VxD threads. it shows CPU%, ...
April 15th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 684k
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Delphi
The SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Delphi (SEE4D) is a library of
functions providing easy control of the SMTP (Simple Mail Transport
Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) protocols.

A simple interface allows sending and receiving email, including multiple
MIME BASE-64 and quoted-printable encoded ...
April 18th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 374k
email finder
Email Finder helps get 100% effective email addresses directly from smtp Server.Support multi email domain serach and multi-threads!Speciality! support serach more than one email domain at one time! You can get all email domain's email at same time!!!Effective! 100% true&email ...
April 22nd 2002 Shareware  5 stars 1k
FTPshell Client Pro
FTPshell uses an Office XP style interface designed to be simple for the beginner and yet convenient for power users. In addition to all the standard FTP client features like site mirroring, anti server time-out, passive file transfers, firewall support, ...
February 21st 2005 Freeware  5 stars 2,400k
News2Email is an advanced email harvester/extractor utility for Windows. You can build highly targeted mailing lists extracting addresses from the Usenet. It provides multiple threads email collection for a faster email harvesting.
May 28th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 391k
1st Webcollector
1st Webcollector is a multi-threads software product for downloading all pictures and any other kinds of files specified by extension from a website. It will make the best use of your bandwidth, allow you to download 200 files simultaneously.Besides pictures, ...
November 13th 2002 Shareware  4 stars 547k
System Analyzer
System Info, Executable Module Info, All versions of all Microsoft files Info. Makes you able to View and Manage tasks, threads, loaded modules, files, handles, windows, track system resources, monitor your Internet connection, and much more. Shows comparative information about ...
November 17th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 9k
Newspicture miner
Newspicture miner is a software designed to search and download pictures from newsgroups. It used mutiple threads to connect News server that provides a high speed of search pictures.It can also save all setting to a file ,so you can ...
August 22nd 2003 Shareware  4.5 stars 700k
Advanced Mass Sender
AMS is powerfull email marketing software, developed to manage and send mass quantities of emails to a great number of clients. Fast speed, a versatile yet simple interface, and affordable cost make AMS the best email marketing program today.Build-in Smtp ...
January 20th 2003 Commercial  4.5 stars 3k
Email Autodetector
Email Autodetector uses multiple threads to connect directly to the domain's mailserver to verify addresses. You might wonder what that means? Well first of all, 100% of the found emails are active and totally valid! It can easily detect thousands ...
November 28th 2002 Shareware  4.5 stars 1,769k
TaskInfo for Win9x/NT/2k/XP/Vista/Win7: Task Manager & System Info. It shows in real time System Wide info (CPU, Memory, Cache usage, data rates for disk, Network, DialUp IO, IP Address...) For all processes and threads, including System threads, it shows CPU%, ...
January 25th 2005 Shareware  5 stars 2,868k
Informer is a program that monitor current system load. Informer has no window and takes quite a little of desktop space. This is a text string dynamically showing you current system load. Also available processes list and completed list of ...
January 14th 2006 Freeware    86k
GoMail Outlook Mass Mailer Addon
Fast mass mailing engine for your email marketing needs. It can send over 100,000 emails under 5 minutes using up to 150 threads. GoMail operates from Microsoft Outlook2000/2002 as an add-on component. Once installed, a GoMail menu and a 'Send ...
July 26th 2003 Shareware    4k
CRM Group Mail
CRM Group Mail is developed especially for enterprise users. It employs multiple threads technology and 'super high speed mode' to send emails in bulk. The sending can reach a rate of over 5,000 emails per minute. You can mail to ...
July 26th 2003 Shareware    1,300k
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Kaskus Hot Threads
Kaskus is the largest online community in Indonesia having total users of more than two million. Around 227 million posts are produced on the site. Kaskus s listed in 1,000 world's top sites arranged by Google AdPlanner released in August ...
April 15th 2013 Freeware    10k
AtlantForum script allows you to setup and use a discussion board with many features.Features:- User's interface is intuitive and easy to use;- CSS-style for HTML pages, so admin can easily change fonts and tables colors for HTML pages generated by ...
December 23rd 2012 Freeware    31k
Forum Threads.PHP
Forum Threads.PHP is an efficient forum based PHP discussion board. Using this board webmasters can have threaded form of online discussions with the visitors through password protected forums. Being simple in its integration it can be easily customized in its ...
December 7th 2005 Freeware     
Gravity Board X
Gravity Board X is free forum software written in PHP and MySQL. GBX features a unique front page layout, and version 2.0 will push the envelope with features such as a CSS-based layout, WYSIWYG message editor and AJAX framework.General Features- ...
December 31st 2012 Freeware    1,034k
Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads
Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads is an article in which author elaborates the procedure for creating and managing multithreaded programme with the help of C# mechanisum. In this tutorial users can learn about procedure for creating a thread with the ...
December 13th 2005 Freeware     
Static Methods and Threads
Static Methods and Threads is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author offers details about the procedure for using the static keyword methods and properties to execute the process of multi threading by using C# in .NET framework. ...
November 23rd 2005 Freeware     
JWZ's Threading Algorithm
This script is a Python implementation of Jamie Zawinski's threading algorithm, which takes a bunch of email messages and groups them into threads.

The module contains a thread() function that takes a list of Message objects. Message is a class ...
April 23rd 2012 Freeware     
This script gives access to the Sync class. Objects created by the Sync class are meant to be used when trying to syncronize the execution of two or more threads.
April 25th 2012 Freeware     
Run SQLite-connections in isolated threads
This script lets databaseconnections live in their own thread and queues are used to communicate with them.
May 18th 2012 Freeware     
MQ4CPP, or "Message Queuing for C ", is an open source implementation of enterprise messaging system, also referred to as message-oriented middleware (MOM).MQ4CPP enables C application threads to communicate with other threads locally or remotely through the exchange of messages. ...
May 27th 2012 Freeware     
Related Code
Active Server Page Bulletin Board
This is the upgraded Version to my ASP MessageBoard Version 2.0. In this Version, it contains a better look, new design view for listing the post, Traveling in between threads while viewing a post and last but not least a ...
April 24th 2006     25k
Audio Thread Object v1.0
This unit contains a thread object for sending audio data to the sound card through MMSystem. It is very simple to use and was purposely desinged that way for people to add onto it. The code is well commented and ...
June 24th 2006     30k
World TimeZones Applet with analog and digital Clocks of the Major Citys. You can easy add Citys in the SourceCode ( Example: ("Berlin","GMT+2:00"). All Clocks in own Threads
October 20th 2007     8k
Daytime Server
This prograqm acts as a simple daytime server. Once the start button is clicked, a new thread is created. This thread will handle new connections and also demonstrates how to update the user interface from a worker thread using Delegates. ...
October 16th 2008     12k
This example shows how to use threads and gives a breif explaination why to use them. threads stops you program hanging/ freezing up
September 17th 2015     6k
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